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Hair Transplant in Punjab: The Ever-growing Demand

Hair Transplant in Punjab: The Ever-growing Demand

Baldness has become a common problem these days and there are multiple causes that can be attributed to it. Once occurred it becomes a permanent problem and can be sorted only with a permanent solution. Hair transplant surgery in Punjab is the only permanent Hair Loss Solution. There are over 70% men across the world that faces Hair loss. It can be hereditary or related to genetics. Hair loss is also a result of various medications and tissue disorders. The life of every individual is very stressful these days, and it is practically impossible for people to focus on their lifestyle, food habits etc. Lack of Multivitamins and minerals also lead to hair loss. The pattern of Hair loss in men is known as male pattern baldness. Punjab is one of the best-known destinations for Hair transplant surgery. Before opting for hair Transplant one must fully know the procedure.

Process of Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant surgery is a simple minimally invasive procedure involving the following steps:
·         Proper selection of the donor hairs for the transplantation
·         Injection anaesthesia into the donor area
·         Extraction of the hair follicles
·         Preparation of hair follicles for the transplantation
·         Drawing hairline at transplant region
·         Making incisions in the transplant region
·         Transplanting the hair follicles into the incisions
Once the Hair Transplant surgery is complete, the patient can go home the same day. Strict guidelines and some medications have to be followed to prevent any kind of infection. Alcohol and smoking are prohibited post hair transplant surgery. The initial hairs that are transplanted fall off within 2 weeks but the roots remain intact. New hairs from these roots grow within 8 to 9 months.

Why should you opt for Hair Transplantation in Punjab?
·         It is the best solution for hair loss.
·         It requires the transplantation of your own hair which makes the body accept the transplanted hair.
·         The transplanted hair is natural and manageable.
·         This is a chemical-free process as chemicals may damage the hair follicles.
·         Boosts the confidence and self-esteem.
·         The procedure is safe.
·         No pain during or after the treatment.
·         More effective than other artificial systems.
·         Cost effective than other treatments as it is a onetime cost.
Once the hair grows back, it can be treated as the natural hair and can be styled and coloured as per wish.
Delhi Hair Clinic in Punjab is giving special packages for patients with Hair transplant surgery in India. Patients receive complete consultation, guidance when they plan to come down for their Hair transplant surgery. Contact Us now for a free Hair consultation.

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