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With the beard craze going viral, the rate of this procedure has increased six-fold in the last five years. It helps to restore hair thickness where facial hair growth is missing or thin. It is usually done to enhance hair growth in the goatee and mustache areas. Whether just for style or to hide scars and sideburns, facial hair transplantation is your one-stop solution for all your facial hair regrowth needs. It is a simple surgical procedure that transplants hair harvested from the scalp onto the facial areas lacking density and fullness of hair. Even though the texture and characteristic of hair are similar to the scalp hair, the pattern of growth resembles facial hair and it can be trimmed, groomed or shaved to allow it to grow to any length. We at Delhi Hair Clinic, Ludhiana use PRP therapy and FUE techniques for facial transplantation.

Beard/Moustache Transplant Procedure at Delhi Hair Clinic, Ludhiana:

Generally, FUE techniques are used and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Careful placement of each follicle is crucial to give natural-looking results and hair growth resembling original facial hair growth. Within 4 weeks the hair falls out and regrow within 3-4 months in full thickness.

Risks & Results at Delhi Hair Clinic, Ludhiana:-

There are tiny crust formations around each follicle of transplanted hair. The transplanted hair will fall out within 3-4 weeks. But keep your trust in science! The hair, regrow in about 4 months. Few risks are associated with the procedure and you need to know them before taking the plunge. In FUT procedure, linear donor scarring may occur. In FUE technique that uses NeoGraft, there may be tiny hypopigmented areas, up to 1 mm diameter, in donor sites that become visible if the hair is shaved.

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